Chapman High School past pupils and teachers Association




To assist Chapman High School in any way possible and to provide a forum for the social and academic advancement of learners, teachers and all those associated with the school.




The Association is established to contribute to rebuilding a sense of pride and achievement in Chapman High School that extends beyond academics, and to that end:

  • Engender a spirit of pride and loyalty to the Alma Mater among past and present pupils, teachers and friends of the school;
  • Initiate and sustain social and professional interaction and contact among all members of the association and all those associated with the school;
  • Contribute to the development and improvement of all aspects of school life – academic, sports and cultural;
  • Contribute to the financial support of the school and its pupils;
  • Contribute to functions of a charitable nature;
  • In the long term establish a Bursary Fund to assist in the academic development of the pupils of the school;
  • Provide networking opportunities towards assisting the pupils of the school.

How do we accomplish our mission?

  • The reunion is the first major attempt to reach out to Chapmanians (former Chapman learners) to share our vision and mission
  • Seek support from Chapmanians to realise our mission
  • Seek financial contributions from Chapmanians towards accomplishing our mission – a minimum of R50 per month paid directly into the alumni account
  • Regular networking with all stakeholders
  • Act on our vision

Next steps

  • Chapmanians become official members of the alumni by completing the registration forms (this will be placed on the Chapman High website and can be downloaded)
  • Chapmanians pledge to make voluntary monthly contributions (via debit order, eft or deposits)
  • First AGM to be held 12 months after establishment of the Alumni (Around July 2017)
  • Liaison with school regarding critical needs
  • Establish a medium of feedback to Alumni members